This college was established on 25 January 1939 on a Saraswati Puja day at Govind Mitra Road, Patna by Late Shri Radha Mohanjee. The first President of India Deshratna Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first member of the Management Committee of the college. In 1949, Govt. of Bihar took the control of the college as Govt. School of Arts & Crafts for conducting Five-year Diploma course. In 1957, the school was transferred into its newly constructed building including Studentís Hostel at Vidyapati Marg, Patna. In 1972, it was renamed as Govt. College of Arts & Crafts. On April 12, 1977, the college was handed over to Patna University and Diploma course was converted into Degree course.

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The college is located at Vidyapati Marg, behind Patna Museum at a distance of nearly 3 kms from the Patna Jn. Railway Station and nearly 2.5 kms. from Gandhi Maidan, Patna.