The college runs five-year BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS degree course of Patna University.

Course of Study: -

The five-year full time Degree course is divided into two parts

(a) Foundation Course: This course is of Two-year duration and is common to all the students. This course provides basic education to lay the foundation for the specialization courses. The subjects taught are Painting, Sculpture, Applied Art and Print Making. At the end of the 2nd Year , the University conducts examination. Click Here for Syllabus

(b) Specialization Course: After successful completion of above two- year foundation course, the student has to enroll in specialization course. The college offers Specialization course in the subjects as given below:

(i)                 Painting The objective of the three-year Specialization course in Painting is to provide the student with training in the skills for original and creative visual  expression. Click Here for Syllabus

(ii)                Sculpture The techniques and processes of creating three-dimensional forms and images by carving, casting, construction or modeling etc. Click Here for Syllabus

(iii)              Applied Art Applied Art is a means of communication, that may be considered to be any illustrative or design function applied to the publishing, advertising, display, visual education, mass media and manufacturing fields.  Click Here for Syllabus

At the end of 5th year, University conducts final examination and grants BFA degree in particular Specialization course to the passing students.

At the end of 1st, 3rd and 4th year, College conducts examination and accordingly students are promoted to next year.

Click Here for B. F. A. Syllabus